Pantanal Wildlife Tours

Encounter incredible wildlife in the largest tropical wetland on earth when you embark on a safari through Brazil’s Pantanal Wetlands.

A jaw-dropping, untamed landscape stretching over 75,000sq miles, the sprawling Pantanal Wetlands offer a wealth of rare and colourful wildlife for animal-loving adventurers to discover. From striking birds to wild snakes, Giant Anteaters to majestic Jaguars, there’s a dazzling array of species to see. With so much to explore, a Pantanal wildlife tour is the best way to ensure you don’t miss a moment.

A nature-lover’s paradise, the Pantanal Wetlands are home to an abundance of wildlife, from Howler Monkeys to Anacondas, Caimans to Maned Wolves. Capybaras, Giant Otters, brightly coloured Macaws and Red-necked Jabiru Storks are plentiful, while the Jaguar is trickier to spot – though many get lucky, particularly when exploring the north of the Pantanal Wetlands. See how many of the 550 bird species you can spy in the wild, including the Toco Toucan, Black-hooded Parakeet, Orange-winged Parrot and Southern Screamer – which you’ll certainly hear before you see!

There’s a range of wildlife Pantanal tour types to choose from, including photography expeditions and classic 4x4 safari excursions. Feeling energetic? Explore the Pantanal on foot with a trekking tour, where you can get up close to the wildlife, go Piranha fishing, ride horses through the wild, and feed Caimans. If you prefer something more leisurely, relax on a canoe safari, gliding over the waters of the Pantanal while spotting Tiger Herons and Kingfishers. Throughout your Pantanal wildlife safari, you can enjoy stays at boutique lodges, homecooked meals, and stunning sunsets and sunrises, while experiencing the way of life out here in this astonishing wilderness.

Pantanal Wildlife Tours Highlights:
  • Gaze at the glorious hues of Scarlet and Hyacinth Macaws
  • Spot an elusive Jaguar in the north of the Pantanal
  • Look out for Tapir, Red Brocket Deer and Giant Anteaters on a jeep safari
  • Capture special memories with a photography expedition
  • Trek through the wetlands to feed Caimans
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