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Gear up for one of the highest altitude cities in the world, nestled in an almost unrivalled, stunning setting!

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, awash with colonial history, bustling markets and fascinating museums; La Paz is a true South American icon. The ramshackle myriad of tightly woven, multi-layered buildings clinging to the hillside are as much of the spectacle as the delicate facades and pleasant plazas of the old town, just a taster of what to expect in wonderful La Paz.

This versatile city offers more than may be obvious for most travellers. A fusion of numerous museums, colonial architecture, tight streets and a dramatic mountainscape location all make for an intoxicating mix. Once a centre of Spanish colonial strength in the Andes mountain range and today the de facto capital of the Bolivian state, La Paz oozes contrasts and an unexpectedly cosmopolitan feel, though also a typically Bolivian authenticity in a privileged geographical spot.

Take a gondola for sublime aerial views, get lost in the revelry of one of the city’s many festivals or enthral yourself with endless exhibitions and artefacts across a treasure trove of museums before tucking into some fine food, making the most of the tasty treats central to La Paz’s ever-growing gourmet scene. This still relatively unknown, though thriving city is certainly endearing, attracting travellers and tourists back to its frantic streets time and time again.

Highlights of La Paz:

Calle Jaén Museums

The holistic, traditional healing remedies, lotions and potions of Mercado de Hechicería offers insight into the folklore and ancient practices of Bolivian ancestry. This busy local market specialises in unusual and interesting alternatives, from ancient herbs and spices to dried bird beaks and more, making for a shopping trip with a twist!

Mercado de Hechicería

This store was set up in 1855 by Antonio Cordano with the aim of providing both a hub for local trade as well as a meeting place for friends and family. The building itself has retained all its old charm and character while the atmosphere conjured up whilst walking through the Almacén makes it easy to imagine what must have been an energetic place, once central to the locals’ daily existence.

Taking on the ‘Urban Rush’

For those in search of an adrenaline kick during their time in La Paz, what better way to see the skyline than during a vertical rappelling adventure from the 17th floor of a downtown building? Strap yourself in and enjoy some of the best views in town as you descend 160 feet of the hotel Presidente’s external walls; an absolute must for all thrill seekers!

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