Adventure Tours Bolivia

Highlights of Bolivia:

  • Glittering white Uyuni Salt Flats
  • La Paz markets and street life
  • Colonial towns of Sucre and Potosi
  • Colourful lagoons in the Siloli Desert
  • Islands and ancient sites of Lake Titicaca

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Though not as well-known as its South American neighbours, Bolivia beguiles any visitor with a dazzling blend of sublime scenery, architecture and pre-Columbian heritage. Venture here on a tailor-made adventure tour of Bolivia to be greeted by vibrant cultures built on centuries of tradition, evident in countless native languages and colourful, authentic dress, and see how these cultures exist alongside remnants of a colonial past.

Touring the Uyuni Salt Flats

There’s no doubt your custom trip to Bolivia will incorporate some of the country’s stunning landscapes, including the sweeping Uyuni Salt Flats, stretching for mile upon mile to bring the very curve of the earth’s sphere into view. A dazzling white expanse framed by mountains and volcanoes, the Salar de Uyuni covers 4,000 square miles, making it not only the largest salt flat in the world, but also one of the highest. In the wet season, the flats are layered with a sheet of water which brilliantly reflects immense, shifting skies; while the dry season takes travellers into a shimmering sea of salt. At any time of the year, a tour of the Uyuni Salt Flats is always an otherworldly experience.

Landscapes in Bolivia

More ethereal landscapes can be discovered on a Bolivia adventure vacation, such as the fire-hued Siloli Desert. Reaching far into the horizon, this vast, dusty landscape is filled with towering volcanoes, colourful lagoons, and eerie rock formations which have been shaped over time by the unrelenting wind. The most famous of all can be found in the very heart of the desert: El Arbol de Piedra (‘the Stone Tree’), which bursts defiantly from the sand to create a naturally formed, tree-like sculpture; a must-see phenomenon. Then there’s the glistening waters of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, where pre-Inca ruins beg to be explored. Set against a backdrop of picture-perfect snow-capped mountains, Lake Titicaca mesmerises with its endless glistening blue waters and iconic floating islands, offering a spectacular insight into the history and long-standing traditions that continue to thrive here.

Cultural Bolivia

It’s not just the jaw-dropping scenery that’ll have you hypnotised on a bespoke Bolivia trip, but also the cultural experiences which the country flaunts in equal measure. In La Paz, the ramshackle myriad of tightly woven, multi-layered buildings clinging to the hillside are as much part of its spectacle as the delicate facades and pleasant plazas of the Old Town. Take a gondola for sublime aerial views, get lost in chaos at the famous Witches’ Market, or enthral yourself with endless exhibitions and artefacts across a treasure trove of museums. Then, tuck into some fine food, making the most of the tasty treats central to gourmet scene in La Paz. Once you’ve pondered more architectural marvels dotted across cities like Potosi, Sucre and Santa Cruz, learning more about their colonial pasts, you’ll have scratched further beneath the surface of this beguiling South American country.

Whether it’s beautiful scenery or authentic local cultures you are interested in, a tailor-made Bolivia tour is filled with intriguing sights and experiences at every turn. Take a look at our collection of customisable Bolivia tours below, handpick the hotels and activities that you want to incorporate into your trip, and start planning your unforgettable South American adventure!


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