Galapagos Islands Travel

Marvel at awe-inspiring landscapes and meet endemic wildlife on a luxury tour of the Galapagos Islands.

The Galapagos Islands of Ecuador are a must-see for any budding scientist or nature-lover, what with their exceptional landscapes and marine life. The archipelago, made up of 13 main islands encircled by swathes of azure sea, is famous for its totally unique endemic species which were paramount in the development of Charles Darwin’s evolution theory. Today, it is more beguiling than ever.

A cluster of volcanic outcrops strewn off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are home to some of the most extraordinary flora and fauna in the world. This is owed to their general isolation up until the mid-20th century, allowing an astonishing array of creatures and plantlife to evolve according to the unique geography of these far-flung islands. So, you can expect the unexpected in the Galapagos, with everything from languid Giant Tortoises to playful Sea Lions, loved-up Frigate Birds to brightly-footed Boobies; and much more in-between.

A luxury holiday in the Galapagos means snorkelling with Turtles in crystalline seas; hiking over lava-sculpted landscapes; getting up close to Marine Iguanas; and diving with Hammerhead Sharks. You can wake up in a different location each day on a luxury cruise, or stay on terra firma at one of the many sumptuous lodges found across the region, hopping from island to island and making the most of fantastic day trips. However you decide to discover the Galapagos, prepare to enter an utterly unique world, beloved by explorers, scientists and Charles Darwin himself.

Highlights of the Galapagos:

Take a photograph at the top of Bartolome Island

There are some images of these magical islands that are instantly recognisable, and the view from the top of Bartolome Island is one of them. After conquering the wooden stairs, making sure you have a photo of yourself at the top is a must!

Snorkel at Pinnacle Rock

If you only plan to snorkel once during your time in the Galapagos then Bartolome Island is an excellent place to do it. Sea Lions, Penguins and Sharks all inhabit this area along with majestic Rays, colourful Tropical Fish and even the odd Octopus.

Relax on the beach

After a hike and a swim, what better way to round off your day than by simply relaxing. The sandy beaches of Bartolome provide a welcome resting place, so close your eyes and listen to the waves gently lap at the shores of this island paradise.

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