Iguazu Falls Travel

Bask in the natural wonder of Iguazu Falls, truly one of South America’s must-see sights.

A highlight of any trip to Brazil or Argentina, and indeed South America more widely, the Iguazu Falls are a mighty marvel to behold, whether from the safety of an elevated observation platform or – for those brave enough – an adrenaline-packed boat ride which takes you behind the falls themselves! With tours available to both the Brazilian and Argentine sides of the Iguazu River, wildlife and birdwatching walks and off-road explorations, as well as a handful of superb boutique hotels, these awe-inspiring waterfalls are simply not to be missed.

No less than 275 separate drops make up Iguazu Falls; a 3km wide crescent of cascading water gushing over forested cliff edges, some standing up to 80m in height. This is Mother Nature at her most powerful, as dozens of tributaries from the main Iguazu River converge in unforgettably spectacular fashion at the ominously named ‘Devil’s Throat’, a genuine once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness. While here, be sure to enjoy both sides of the falls, in Brazil and Argentina, as each offers an entirely different perspective, though the wider Iguazu National Park is also well worth visiting.

This is, in fact, one of the most biodiverse regions of Brazil, so aside from the main event why not strap on your walking boots for a birdwatching tour or nature hike, maybe even a 4x4 off-road drive through the forest, for anyone looking to get fully off-the-beaten-track. Or, if your time is limited and the falls must (understandably) take centre stage, then you will not be disappointed with either a boat ride up to and even behind Iguazu, or a jungle hike, quietly observing its power from one of the many elevated walkways and platforms; you simply cannot lose.

Highlights of Iguazu Falls:

Take a tour of both sides

To fully appreciate the magnificence of Iguazu, touring both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides of the falls is a must. The views vary, the scenery changes and even more spectacular photographs can fill your camera during either a boat ride or walking tour along the riverbanks and surrounding forest, making for the ultimate Iguazu experience.

Birdwatching walks inside the park

Away from the gathering tourists and excitement of the Devils Throat, there is a network of walking trails and birdwatching routes just waiting to be trodden. With over 400 bird species so far identified, this protected area is an ideal place to spot wildlife and enjoy the serenity of subtropical rainforest. Depending on how much time you have to spend in Iguazu, be sure to make the most of this vital, though largely unexplored ecosystem.

Jungle safaris

Whether on foot, in the back of a 4x4 vehicle on an exciting off-road drive or being gently towed in an open-air cart, jungle safaris in the Iguazu National Park are an excellent way to see an alternative side to the region, as well as some native wildlife away from the crowds. In the company of an eagle-eyed guide, who will be on-hand to spot anything that moves and give insights into the huge biodiversity which exists here, your only job will be to sit back, enjoy the ride and take it all in.

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