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A thriving, modern South American city, the Colombian capital of Bogota offers nightlife, culture and music in spades.

From the colourful cobbled walkways of La Candelaria to the thumping nightlife of Parque de la 93, Bogota has something for all tastes, ages and interests, doing so in typical Colombian fashion with style and passion running through its DNA. The city’s nightlife and music scene is booming, while its visual arts span street graffiti and priceless pre-Colombian artefacts, not to mention the many unforgettable experiences surrounding the capital, such as the caverns of Zipaquira Salt Cathedral just to the north.

As Colombia’s capital, cradle of the country’s culture and economy, Bogota is a flamboyant metropolis home to a wealth of historical and cultural attractions, beautiful melting-pot architecture telling the story of the city’s rich colonial and modern history, and a treasure trove of art galleries and museums. The heart of the city is the La Candelaria district, a vibrant neighbourhood of brightly painted houses, cobbled streets, and some of the world’s coolest graffiti. It’s also here that you’ll find the Botero Museum, devoted to the eye-catching work of Colombia’s greatest artist, Fernando Botero.

Aesthetes of all stripes will find much to love about Bogota, from its myriad opulent theatres to its buzzing nightclubs, where musicians blend rock, electronica and traditional cumbia into a new Colombian music form. The city is also home to a thriving food scene, with innovative chefs fusing influences from international cuisines and Colombia’s own history, to delicious effect.

Highlights of Bogota:

Cycling through the city

An expertly guided bike tour is a fantastic way to get to know Bogota up close. You’ll take in the city’s pretty, historic side – from centuries-old buildings like the Church and Museum of Santa Clara to more modern monuments of culture like the Museum of Gold – and experience its thriving modern culture, stopping off at the art galleries and graffiti sites of the bohemian Teusaqillo neighbourhood.

La Candelaria

No visit to Bogota is complete without spending some time in this vibrant neighbourhood, where pastel Art Deco buildings line cobbled streets, and even the most non-descript corners are adorned with colourful street art murals. Graffiti walking tours are a fun way to help you decode the colourful characters, history and politics behind the art.

The Salt Cathedral

As the name suggests, the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is a pretty unusual place, and an unmissable stop on any trip to Bogota. A Roman Catholic church hewn into a subterranean salt mine, it’s a strange and beautiful creation, with softly lit crucifixes and cherubic statues throwing eerie shadows against the rough halite walls. Whether you are religious or not, it’s an otherworldly spot for some quiet reflection.

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