Siloli Desert Travel

A journey into this desert landscape reveals an array of lagoons, volcanoes and naturally formed monuments.

The high altitude Siloli Desert, in southwest Bolivia, is awash with exceptional photo opportunities and striking colourful vistas. Stretching as far as the eye can see, this vast dusty landscape is filled with towering volcanoes, scarlet lagoons and eerie rock formations that have been shaped over time by the unrelenting wind. Barren but beautiful, the Siloli Desert is a startling place to behold.

Venture into the Siloli Desert and discover an enchanting world of fiery colours and imposing volcanoes, alongside colonies of Flamingos, surprisingly thriving in what appears to be a remote and inhospitable land. An ‘otherworldly’ journey takes you into the sandy expanse of this high altitude desert to a monument which attracts visitors from around the world: El Arbol de Piedra (“the Stone Tree”), which bursts defiantly from the sand to create a naturally formed tree-like sculpture; a must-see phenomenon. This rock, which has been sculpted by winds of up to 120km per hour over many years, is situated in the centre of the isolated scenery, providing a rare opportunity for shade beneath the beaming sun. As you travel through the Siloli Desert, you will see many other intriguing formations that have been carved in the same way, creating an impressive landscape to say the least.

In contrast to the dusty sands there is a collection of lagoons in this region; possibly one of the most stunning is Laguna Colorada, which lies at an altitude of 14,000ft. This breathtaking tranquil lake is home to rare breeds of Flamingos who can be found feeding in the salty waters, itself defying convention in a glorious display of flaming red water. Behind it all, towering volcanoes make for a fascinating backdrop to this unforgettable scene.

Highlights of the Siloli Desert:

Marvel at naturally formed monuments

A trip to the Siloli Desert would not be complete without a visit to El Arbol de Piedra. Standing at a height of around 7m, this tree-like sculpture provides an intriguing vista in an otherwise desolate landscape as well as the perfect opportunity to stop for a unique photograph to add to your album.

Lunch by the lagoon

The desert is home to a number of breathtaking lagoons, scattered throughout the landscape, just waiting to be discovered. This tranquil setting offers a chance to sit, relax and watch as the local Flamingos tread the brightly coloured waters looking for their next meal and you enjoy a bite to eat alongside them.

Gaze at dramatic volcanoes

This region is surrounded by a string of mountains and volcanoes, with plenty of stunning lookout points for the chance to spot some of the most spectacular ones. Ollague stands at around 1,686m and is covered with active fumaroles, which can often be seen hurling steam into the air; a splendid sight to behold.

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