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The pride of Minas Gerais State, Ouro Preto is undoubtedly one of Brazil’s best kept colonial towns.

The 17th century town of Ouro Preto is as good as it gets when it comes to Brazilian colonial heritage and history, as perfectly preserved architecture and atmospheric cobblestone streets are delightfully on show, in the most scenic of settings.

Once the epicentre of Brazilian gold mining during the 18th century, Ouro Preto has earned its place in the hearts of visitors, despite its turbulent past and association with – among other things – former slave labour. As you walk the streets and plazas, it is Ouro Preto’s baroque architecture and abundance of churches which really stands out, all at the foot of Serra do Espinhaço; surrounded by trees and dramatic hills.

Your time here will disappear all too easily as one of the main highlights of Ouro Preto is simply walking from building to historic building, admiring religious art in the churches and getting lost among myriad streets which crisscross between bridges and hills. Then, when you do venture further afield, you are perfectly placed to visit the former mines and plantations of wider Minas Gerais, getting a first-hand view on this important period in Brazil’s past in the process.

Highlights of Ouro Preto:

Walking the historic streets

A simple pleasure, but one of the real highlights of visiting Ouro Preto is to strap on the walking boots and hit the historic streets in the company of a local guide, learning the tales of this enchanting town.

Visit the Museu da Inconfidência

Detailing a fascinating period in the history of Ouro Preto and the wider country, Museu da Inconfidência is dedicated to the memory of a failed rebellion whereby Brazilians sought independence from colonial Portugal; well worth a visit for a short, sharp history lesson!

Minas da Passagem Gold Mine

A visit to the gold mines of Minas da Passagem is a must while staying in Ouro Preto, given that this whole region of Brazil was built around the trade in the 18th century. Well preserved and open to the public, Minas da Passagem is a lot of fun, though also offers an eerie insight into the underground world of labouring gold miners, all those years ago.

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