Chilean Lake District Travel

Encounter jaw-dropping landscapes and revel in thrilling activities on an adventurous trip to Chile’s Lake District.

Chile’s Lake District is a sprawling expanse of verdant forests, royal blue lakes and soaring volcanoes, interwoven with rich pastures to offer a dreamlike nature escape. Not only are the views superb, the scope for adventure is virtually endless: think climbing, hiking, kayaking, biking, canyoning, horse riding, sailing, and even skiing in winter. All this action is combined with luxurious hotels, warming food and exquisite wine, providing as much relaxation as adventure on a break in the Lake District.

Like a mystical wonderland from a fairytale, the Chilean Lake District enchants with its ancient Valdivian woodlands, glassy lakes and imposing mountains, leaving visitors starry-eyed with all the impossibly picturesque panoramas at every turn. There are national parks to discover, hot springs to soak in, and volcanoes to climb, including Osorno and Calbuco, which look down over the town of Puerto Varas and the surrounding Llanquihue Lake.

What’s more, the Lake District’s indigenous population, the Mapuche, continue to call the region home despite their defeat by the Chilean Army in 1880, after 350 years of holding them off. Today, around half a million citizens of the Lake District are of Mapuche descent, with special reserves created to uphold their culture and traditions.

Two fantastic bases for exploring the Chilean Lake District are Puerto Varas, a scenic town lying in the shadow of the volcanoes; and Puerto Montt, a less attractive outpost but well-placed for jaunts into the wild. So, whichever of the two you opt for, relax in the knowledge that Chile’s Lake District and all its many adventures are never far away.

Highlights of the Chilean Lake District:

German roots of the Lake District

Discover Germany’s influence on the southern part of Chile’s Lake District with a tour to Llanquihue and Frutillar, two of the region’s important industrial towns. Along the way, get ready for views stretching out over the water to snow-capped volcanoes, Osorno and Puntiagudo Volcanoes and the artefact-packed German Colonial Museum.

Puyehue Lake and hot springs tour

Enjoy the Chilean Lake District’s stunning scenery and hidden history with a tour of the Puyehue Lake region. Set off along the Pan-American Highway, heading north to the 19th century town of Frutillar on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, before visiting colonial Puerto Octay and the glacial waters of Puyehue itself! You may even want to stop at the hot springs of Aguas Calientes on the banks of the Chanleulfu River while here.

Climbing Osorno Volcano

Osorno Volcano is perhaps the greatest icon of Chile’s Lake District, so having the chance to climb it will be truly unforgettable! Grab your hiking shoes and set off for this iconic, snow-dusted peak which looms on the horizon from Puerto Varas, on an adventure of captivating scenery, criss-crossing boardwalks suspended above gushing water and eternal lake views, getting a real snapshot of the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park throughout the day.

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