Family Wildlife Tours in South America

Home to some of the most unique and biodiverse habitats in the world, South America is prime for family wildlife safaris.

With rare birdlife on the Galapagos Islands and endangered species in the Amazon alongside numerous flourishing national parks, South America is an animal lover’s paradise. Here, your child can meet fabled creatures such as the huge Galapagos Tortoise while also coming across animals they never knew existed: the extraordinary Amazonian Pink River Dolphin, for example. Whether you head to the coast, the jungle or the Andes, a family wildlife tour in South America is like no other.

Wildlife in South America is rich and varied to say the least, and a family holiday here is the perfect opportunity to expose your children to some of the most unusual species on earth, inspiring the next generation of eco-tourists. Watch their faces fill with delight as they spot their first Humpback Whale on a cruise from the seaside town of Salinas in Ecuador, take them to the King Penguin Park in Tierra del Fuego or, if you have older kids, go for something completely out of the ordinary and head to the Mato Grosso region of Brazil to discover the thousands of Caimans that inhabit the wetlands of Pantanal.

Of course, wildlife and the mystical Galapagos Islands go hand in hand and will thrill children of all ages. Snorkel with kaleidoscopic tropical fish in the peaceful bays, look for endemic species among the red sands of Rabida Island, or make friends with Marine Iguanas on North Seymour; it’s hard to leave your front door without being greeted by some form of animal life.

Alternatively, opt for the Amazon – the most famous rainforest in the world that plays host to positively thriving ecosystems, unlike anything, anywhere else on earth. Whether you are in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador or Colombia – to name a few – you can gain access to the jungle and uncover its natural treasures including colourful Macaws, captivating Howler Monkeys and maybe even elusive Jaguars. With family-friendly places to stay in the Amazon too, it promises to be a trip of a lifetime.

Family Wildlife Tours in South America Highlights:
  • Swim with Sea Lions in the Galapagos Islands
  • Go birdwatching in Patagonia, Argentina
  • Head out after dark for a nocturnal nature walk in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest
  • Visit the endangered Spectacled Bear in the Andes, Peru
  • Go Whale-watching on the Pacific Coast of Colombia
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