Pantanal Wetlands Travel

Hot-foot it to Brazil’s Pantanal Wetlands for a complete immersion into this isolated wilderness, with endless opportunities for wildlife safaris and outdoor adventures.

Described by some as Brazil’s 'best-kept secret', the Pantanal is the largest wetland region in the world, covering 75,000sq miles of marshland, open plains, forests and rivers, and home to extraordinary biodiversity in both its plant and animal species. What’s more is that your time here will be in almost complete isolation, given the minimal number of visitors who make the journey into this remote region of Brazil.

Protected over the centuries by its location and seemingly impenetrable nature, as swathes of the Pantanal are flooded annually, this national park and protected ecosystem in Mato Grosso, Brazil, has simply been left to flourish. The result is a thriving, diverse biosphere which is home to Jaguars, Giant Anteaters, Piranha, Howler and Capuchin Monkeys, Anacondas, Caiman, Deer and countless fish, plant and bird species including Parrots and Macaws, many of which are endemic to the Pantanal and do not exist anywhere else.

What makes this such a highlight of Brazil is not only the abundance of unique wildlife, the total isolation and remoteness, but also the traditional cattle ranching way of life which can be glimpsed while staying at one of the highly regarded eco-lodges which were once working farms and are now home to horses for explorative tours, world-class wildlife guides and a scenic setting like no other - in Brazil anyway!

Highlights of the Pantanal Wetlands:

Sunsets in the Pantanal

As the dust begins to settle on each day, there is nothing more enjoyable than simply sitting back and watching the sunset over the Pantanal Wetlands. No matter where you are, whether halfway through your hike, relaxing on a boat tour or already home and putting your feet up on the terrace, this special moment is a true highlight of any time spent in the Pantanal.

Looking for Jaguars!

Of course, when it comes to wildlife spotting nothing is guaranteed, even more so when seeking out an animal which not only moves in the blink of an eye but is also known the world over for being more reclusive, and elusive than most. However, the sheer thrill of ‘what might be’ as you head off with an expert guide in search of Jaguars is worth it alone, and you never know - you might just get lucky!

Scenic horse rides

Horse riding in Brazil can be a real joy no matter where you do it, however there is something extra special about saddling up and trotting off into the Pantanal wilderness. This is particularly the case as many of the riding trails take you to remote regions which are otherwise inaccessible on foot, giving even greater access to the unique flora and fauna which thrive here.

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