Coffee Region Travel

The stunning countryside of the Coffee Region will enchant you with its traditional way of life and coffee culture.

Owing to a mountainous terrain that delivers perfect soil and slightly cooler temperatures, the Coffee Region has been blessed with the ultimate conditions for bean cultivation. However, there is much more to the region than simply a handful of coffee plantations. With characterful colonial towns and growing cities in Salento and Armenia respectively, along with hiking hotspots such as the Parque Nacional los Nevados and the Cocora Valley, you truly are spoilt for choice with cultural and outdoor activities alike.

No matter where you are travelling from, the tranquil landscape of the Coffee Region is sure to evoke an instantly calming presence. Instilled with the trademark Paisa disposition of immense hospitality and a healthy dose of regional pride, the locals of the Coffee Region are both reserved yet unwaveringly passionate about their rural culture and breathtaking surroundings.

Located in the centre of the region, the growing hub of Armenia is perfectly situated with an international airport and numerous hotels to choose from, varying from the traditional Colombian Finca to the more modern styles found in town. Some time spent in the Botanical Gardens is a must do if you have a few spare hours, otherwise you can easily make your way to Salento in just over an hour. Whether you enjoy reading in a quiet coffee shop, listening to some of the local Vallenato and Bachata music, or examining some of the finely-made regional craftwork, there is something for everyone. Before you leave the region, make sure to stretch your legs in either the luscious Cocora Valley, or the more challenging Parque de los Nevados, where tough terrains and a still-smoking volcano awaits.

Highlights of the Coffee Region:

Coffee tasting

Widely regarded as producing some of, if not the best coffee in the world, Colombia’s Aribica coffee plant is a source of great pride and of livelihood for many throughout Quindío. Find out what makes such an astounding cup on a plantation tour, where you will learn about the picking and drying process of the beans, their fermentation, and the market trade that takes them to all corners of the globe. Make sure you get to sample some of the various brews before you leave, and perhaps even buy a few superior bags to take home with you!

Salento and Cocora Valley

Despite growing tourism, Salento still feels like a truly authentic experience; expect groups of men playing dominoes while a jukebox tinkers away in the background. From here, make your way up through the Cocora Valley, where you can choose from a variation of walks that differ in length and difficulty. Highly recommended is the Hummingbird Trail (Camino de Colibrí), which winds up to a small house where many of the mesmerizing birds can be found, before making your way back through the awe-inspiring Wax Palms.

Butterfly Park and Botanical Gardens

For a first-hand look at what makes this Andean nation’s wildlife so spectacular, head straight for the Butterfly Park and Botanical Gardens, where you can marvel at all manners of bird, plant, butterfly and insect species. A one-of-a-kind, butterfly-shaped emporium awaits, flaunting some of the most spectacularly vibrant and curious looking creatures, sure to provoke a newfound appreciation for wildlife conservation. For those seeking some peace and quiet, head for the Botanical Gardens where you can wan

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