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Encircled by glistening lakes, Bariloche is an ideal base for exploring Argentina’s bewitching Lake District.

Studded on the northern edge of Argentine Patagonia, San Carlos de Bariloche is a popular hub for nature-lovers who want to delve into the hiking haven that is the Lake District. Forests cling to the slopes of the mountains, glaciers intersperse craggy peaks, and a string of volcanoes bring a touch of drama to the utterly picturesque scene. The Argentine Lake District is an exquisite example of nature at its best.

Discover a land of meandering rivers, meadows carpeted in wildflowers and waters as blue as sapphires in Argentina’s Lake District. The star of the show is Nahuel Huapi National Park, which shares its name with the lake by which Bariloche nestles, and is home to a host of natural gems that make visits here both inspiring and rejuvenating. In the warmer seasons, avid adventurers arrive to hike, horse ride and kayak under vivid blue skies; while the winter brings with it opportunities for skiing and snowboarding, thanks to snow-blanketed slopes.

San Carlos de Bariloche caters to every season, its alpine feel enhanced by countless stores selling chocolate; only adding to the sense that the town has been influenced by the mountain towns of Switzerland. Though it is certainly a bustling place, there is a smattering of luxury hideaways outside of town that are so sumptuous you might find it hard to tear yourself away. But be sure you do, as the hypnotic call of the lakes and mountains hints at the pure beauty of this dazzling corner of Argentina.

Highlights of Bariloche:

Find the perfect view

The Lake District is impossibly beautiful, and there are many viewpoints framing the captivating scenery here. Take the gondola up to Campanario Hill or Cerro Otto, wander through Llao-Llao Nature Park and marvel at mountains like Lopez and Capilla, to discover the scenic highlights of the breathtaking Nahuel Huapi National Park.

The lesser-known Brazo Tristeza

Take a boat ride to glide over this glacial fjord of Nahuel Huapi Lake, whose waters are edged in by gushing waterfalls, towering mountains and indigenous woodland. A hike here will have you exploring the hidden corners of this immaculate place, filled with little gems of nature that will surely leave you feeling better connected with Mother Earth.

Lake crossing to Chile

The Lake District straddles both Argentina and Chile, so combining these two countries on a trip to northern Patagonia is more than convenient; the lake crossing experience in itself is utterly spellbinding. Float past shifting landscapes of lakes and mountains, and as you say goodbye to Argentina, be embraced by the equally beautiful scenery of Chile’s Lake District.

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