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The Santa Cruz region serves up an authentic taste of Bolivia, off the tourist trail with a diverse, cosmopolitan city as its capital.

Santa Cruz is the Bolivian state you didn’t know you needed to visit. On one hand, the remarkable capital city (of the same name) offers a perfect opportunity to take in traditional Bolivian culture; while on the other, numerous exhilarating adventure sports await throughout the region, many of which are to be had against the beautiful backdrops of its national parks. An eclectic mix of the old and the new, Santa Cruz will not disappoint.

The city of Santa Cruz is a vibrant, sprawling metropolis, perfectly preserving the proud eastern Bolivian culture while embracing a very modern way of living. This unusual collision has allowed a unique jewel in the Bolivian crown to grow from strength to strength in recent years, making it a fascinating place to explore. Start by heading to Plaza 24 de Septiembre, the perfect place to people watch. Take advantage of one of the many benches placed throughout the square, play a game of chess or sample some of the delectable delights on offer from one of the many street vendors who work in this historic area of the city.

What’s more, although they do not dominate the skyline as with other high-altitude towns in Bolivia, it is still possible to see the ever-present Andes from certain parts of the city, reminding us that Santa Cruz is an excellent base for outdoor adventures. Five national parks are on your doorstep, including Las Lomas de Arena. Just a short journey from Santa Cruz town, this protected park is a wildlife lover’s paradise, with a wild and wonderful range of birds and mammals, including the elusive Sloth. Then, for thrill-seekers, sand-boarding here is a must; an invigorating way to spend an afternoon in diverse Santa Cruz.

Highlights of Santa Cruz:

Amboro National Park

Take a trip to Amboro National Park, an untouched natural wonderland with a diverse eco-system, whose inhabitants include playful Spider-Monkeys, mesmerising Hummingbirds and Pumas; if you are lucky! Beautiful waterfalls cascade into inviting pools of water while the awe-inspiring canopy of the jungle provides a unique habitat for hundreds of species of birds, whose cheerful chirps and cheeps create an extraordinary soundtrack to your visit.


Leave the hustle and bustle of Santa Cruz behind and make your way to the quiet town of Samaipata, a small settlement roughly 3 hours from the capital. From here, take a tour of ‘El Fuerte’, a pre-Inca archaeological site. These mystical ruins include enormous carvings into the rock face, some of the largest known to man. The breathtaking views are a bonus to this unforgettable excursion.


Escape the humidity and spend the day at Aqualand, a water park with a great selection of rides and slides for the whole family. Bob along in a rubber ring while relaxing in the sunshine or throw yourself down one of the exciting waterslides. The park is unlike anything else in the area so well worth packing a picnic and rediscovering your inner child for the day!

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