Family Culture Tours in South America

Spanning fascinating ancient histories and vibrant modern-day cultures, a trip to South America will enlighten the whole family.

South America oozes culture, making it an ideal place to explore as a family. Whether you immerse yourselves into Incan life at Machu Picchu, throw yourself into the colourful carnival in Rio de Janeiro or tuck into some delicious ceviche on the coast of Ecuador; South America’s diverse cultures will greet you at every turn, thrilling adults and children alike.

No matter what age your children are, there is sure to be something in this extraordinary continent that will capture their imagination. When it comes to cultural tours for families in South America, the dynamic countries here offer plenty of options. Introduce the children to some of the world’s best-preserved colonial architecture in towns such as Ouro Preto, Brazil. While here, hop aboard a steam train and take a trip to the intriguing town of Mariana where you can enter its goldmine on a passenger trolley; it will be sure to leave an impression on the kids! Alternatively, if you are in Colombia, the town of Villa de Leyva will give you all a real insight into the past amid its cobbled streets and terracotta-topped houses. If you wish to go back in time even further, family-friendly Peru is a great choice. The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu are perfect for all age groups, and if you are travelling with youngsters you might prefer to catch a train as an alternative to doing the Inca Trail.

South America’s complex history is not the only thing you can experience first-hand during your culture tour. While in Argentina, be sure to take the family to an estancia; there are many within easy reach of Buenos Aires, and children will love spending the day learning about the Gauchos and their communities. Or, if you want to get off the beaten track, choose to stay at an Amazonian lodge where your family can get to grips with many elements of life in the jungle that have gone unchanged for hundreds of years; from cuisine to rituals, it is sure to be an eye opener for children of all ages. With such a colourful culture, South America is the gift that keeps on giving and promises to keep the kids entertained throughout your trip, allowing you to enjoy some much-deserved family time.

Family Culture Tours in South America Highlights:
  • Visit the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Try a Tamale – one of South America’s favourite bites to eat
  • Take a tour of the Museo del Carnaval in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Learn about the changing face of modern-day Colombia in Medellin
  • Have a Tango lesson in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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