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Kick back to the slower beat of life in Bolivia’s outback with a stay in the town of Tupiza.

The wild setting of Tupiza belies a town that is laidback in character. Craggy, red mountains – carved up by deep ravines speckled with cacti – encircle this quaint town, full of the charms of rural life. Here, you can while away the hours of the day doing nothing but watching the changing colours of the sun moving over the rusty red peaks of this dramatic Bolivian setting.

Guarded on all sides by the rough outline of the La Cordillera de Chicas, the southern town of Tupiza is a quiet hideout amid the rugged peaks and canyons of Bolivia’s badlands. It certainly seems a likely location for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’s final shootout, which reportedly happened near here.

With a backdrop seemingly straight out of a Wild West film set, the surrounding desertscapes of Tupiza have to be seen to be believed. Once you’ve strolled around the town and soaked up the earthy local atmosphere, head out into the countryside to explore some more. A horse riding excursion really fits the bill but you can also discover the area on foot, by bike or in a jeep. Tupiza also makes a great base from which to discover the Uyuni Salt Flats, one of Bolivia’s must-see sights.

Highlights of Tupiza:

Hill walks

Beat the heat of the day and take a bracing early morning or late afternoon climb up one of the surrounding hills for remarkable views of Tupiza. There is a relatively easy stroll up Cerro Corazόn de la Jesús, past the stations of the cross to the statue of Jesus at the top, or head to Cerro de la Cruz for a longer hike.

La Cordillera de Chicas on horseback

You can get out and about around the town by jeep or bike but the best way to explore the spectacular desert landscape is on horseback, cowboy style. After all, this is apparently where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid met their end.

Insight into rural Bolivian life

See how the locals live with a wander around the main plaza and colourful central market, where residents socialise and do their weekly shop. The Municipal Museum is also worth popping into, exhibiting all manner of cultural artefacts, from old photographs to antique farming tools.

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