South America Cruises

Cruise highlights of South America:

  • Sailing the Galapagos Islands
  • Amazon luxury cruises
  • Expeditions to Antarctica
  • Zodiac rides and kayaking
  • Unrivalled views of South American scenery

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Embark on an expedition into some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes on earth, by taking a luxury South America cruise. Words cannot express the thrill you will feel while witnessing such dramatic scenery and wildlife from the water, sailing on a luxury cruise boat accompanied by expert guides who are keen to show you the many wonders of this blessed continent.

Antarctica cruises

There is surely no journey more intrepid than that to the deepest depths of the planet: Antarctica. This barren but beautiful country is a glistening world of white, one that envelops you in its majestic sights and chilly embrace. The home of awe-inspiring creatures like Killer and Humpback Whales, Emperor Penguins, Weddell Seals, seabirds including Albatrosses and Petrels, it is in fact teeming with life, all to be glimpsed on an exhilarating expedition cruise to Antarctica. You can set sail from Ushuaia in the southernmost tip of Argentina, cruising down Drake’s Passage in the wake of famous explorers like Cook, Amundsen and Scott. Drop anchor in the shadow of towering mountains and immense glaciers, cutting through icy waters on a Zodiac or kayak to reach important scientific centres, historical monuments and, of course, those wildlife colonies.

Galapagos cruises

If seeking a top wildlife cruise in South America, the Galapagos is just the ticket. Darwin’s treasured archipelago is where native species of flora and fauna reign supreme, delighting every lucky visitor with its astonishing array of animals and plant life. An amazing way to see as much of the islands as possible is by opting for a luxury Galapagos cruise, choosing from one of many different routes that take you to across the waters in style. Our recommended Galapagos vessels are staffed by expert sailors and naturalist guides, providing on-board lectures as well as nature walks, kayaking tours and snorkelling trips, getting you as close as possible to the wonders of these islands. Some even have onboard Jacuzzis for that extra special touch!

Amazon cruises

For those who are keen to visit the world’s greatest rainforest but want to wake up in a new location each day, staying in the lap of luxury all the while, look no further than a luxury cruise in the Amazon. Whether Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia or Bolivia, the Amazon excites even the most experienced of travellers. For anyone who finds themselves in this wild and wonderful place, they are sure to sense the majesty of its endless forests, sweeping rivers and curious, countless creatures. There is a great variety of luxury Amazon cruise vessels too, many of which have oversized cabins with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the water, spa rooms, gyms, and even hot tubs. You can stargaze at night, feast on exquisite meals and sip cocktails to your heart’s content. That’s all when you’re not out on excursions, meeting local communities or encountering all sorts of wildlife, in the presence of knowledgeable, friendly guides.

Take a look at our collection of customisable cruises below, handpick the hotels and activities that you want to incorporate into your trip, and start planning your unforgettable South American adventure!

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