Genovesa Island Travel

A tiny island full of exotic birds, surrounded by waters that are a hive of activity, Genovesa is a sanctuary for air-born and water-based animals alike.

Genovesa Island is, in short, a bird lover’s paradise. Its craggy cliffs make the perfect homes for many of the local avian species, while the lack of human beings living here has also allowed our feathered friends to flourish. The partially collapsed volcanic caldera has led to the island’s somewhat unusual horseshoe shape and also the creation of Darwin Bay, a beauty spot and great place for snorkelling.

As soon as you arrive on Genovesa Island it will become clear why it is also known as Bird Island by the locals. Make your way up Prince Phillip’s steps, through the rock face and get up close and personal with a wide range of birds as you go. Several types of Boobies live here, along with Short Eared Owls, Great Frigates, Lava Herons and Noddy Terns; just to name a few. Once at the top of the steps, not only will you be treated to fantastic views across the ocean but also more birds, the Palo Santo trees providing perfect perches for many of them.

Making your way back down the steps, which at times can be slightly uneven, you will find yourself back in the sheltered cove, a haven for Sea Lions. Thanks to the towering cliffs protecting the area from the elements, it’s a great place for those who are perhaps a little less confident in the water to give snorkelling a try as the waters are calm, and full of life.

Highlights of Genovesa Island:

Do some birdwatching

Of course, you cannot come to Genovesa without taking time to marvel at the amount of birds that are thriving here. Red-footed Boobies are particularly prominent, as well as Finches, Mockingbirds, Galapagos Storm Petrels and Swallowed-tailed Gulls. How many will you spot?

Explore the tidal pools

You never know what you will find in the tidal pools of the Galapagos Islands and thanks to the volcanic craters around Darwin Bay, Genovesa is no exception. Green Sea Turtles, Rays and a collection of sparkling tropical fish can often be found in these pools, taking a break before the tide returns for them.

Snorkel off Darwin Bay

The waters of Genovesa Island are havens for a multitude of animal life. From marine mammals such as Galapagos Sea Lions and adorable Fur Seals, to White Tipped Reef Sharks, Starfish and Rays, Darwin Bay offers the opportunity to really get amongst some of the most extraordinary creatures beneath the waves.

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