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To visit Colonia de Sacramento is to experience the oldest colonial town in Uruguay.

Just two hours west of Montevideo and an hour’s ferry ride from Buenos Aires, Colonia del Sacramento is a chocolate box town with UNESCO World Heritage status and a fascinating history to boot. Get lost amidst Colonia’s cobbled alleys, immerse yourself in centuries of heritage and admire a stunning sunset over the ocean.

Colonia de Sacramento has a chequered past. After being founded in 1680 by Portuguese colonists, the town was fought over for many years by the Spanish who wanted Colonia for their own – eventually, they won. As such, the architecture of this quaint Uruguayan town’s Barrio Historico is an attractive fusion of both Portuguese and Spanish styles, with candy coloured facades, old cobbled roads and pretty churches scattered throughout. To say that Colonia is a charming place, is an understatement!

Take a relaxed walk around town to stumble upon colonial gems like the Plaza Mayor, San Francisco Church, lighthouse, Governor’s House, Basilica de Sacramento and Puerta de la Ciudadela, the town’s fortress. While most of the streets of Colonia are picturesque, don’t miss Calle de los Suspiros and Calle de Portugal: the latter is dotted with vintage cars, flowers bursting out of the windows. The best way to end the day in Colonia de Sacramento? Join the locals on the waterfront and watch the sun go down – it always ends in a big round of applause!

Highlights of Colonia de Sacramento:

Walking tour of Colonia

The best way to discover Colonia’s Old Town is on a walking tour of its atmospheric streets, accompanied by a private guide. You can get up close to the many churches, squares, streets and plazas of this charming seafront town, learning about its history with a knowledgeable guide.

Local dining

Savour local fare at Rio Ancho Gourmet Lodge which sits aside the Rio de la Plata. Taste some delicious regional delicacies, starting with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, before moving on to fresh seasonal produce whipped up into delectable plates, all against a leafy backdrop. Having had your fill of the chef’s mouth-watering creations, enjoy some time to relax elsewhere in the property, whether the drawing room, gardens, terrace or even the beach.


Tour a local winery on the outskirts of town. Owing to a perfect climate and fertile soil, the southwest region of Uruguay has a proliferation of vineyards and hence produces wine with enormous pride. Be sure to embrace this attitude as you sit back with a glass in hand, not forgetting to appreciate the beautiful surrounding landscape.

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