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Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego is where to find adventure at the very ends of the earth, in deepest Argentine Patagonia.

With a name as dramatic as ‘Land of Fire’, you know you can expect something rather out of this world from Tierra del Fuego. Cast away on the southernmost tip of South America, this rugged archipelago encapsulates Patagonia at its wildest, making for an otherworldly stomping ground that adventurers will find hard to resist.

Ushuaia occupies the final urban threshold before the wild, end of the world wilderness takes over. This frontier town sits on the cusp of the Beagle Channel, characterised by temperamental waters, ice-blue glaciers and endemic wildlife, such as Sea Lions, Pygmy Right Whales and various bird species. It is also the route towards Antarctica, the path of many an intrepid explorer during the Age of Discovery, which you can emulate on your very own Antarctic expedition.

The town of Ushuaia is the base of choice for explorations into Tierra del Fuego National Park, whose craggy, frosted mountains keep watch over the sweeping steppe and windswept trees; a landscape that is indeed as dramatic as its name. Within this extraordinary location you can take your pick from kayaking along ethereal, glacial lakes, hopping on a historic train with breathtaking views, meeting Penguin colonies and hiking to your heart’s content, in this desolate but remarkable ‘Land of Fire’.

Highlights of Ushuaia:

The Beagle Channel

Take to the seas on a voyage along the Beagle Channel, the strait that flanks Tierra del Fuego’s Isla Grande and other uninhabited islands. A cruise along these waters will evoke images of the original expeditions to Antarctica, while a myriad of marine life go about their daily business and the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse stands proudly in the midst of this awe-inspiring landscape.

Flora and fauna of Tierra del Fuego

The national park shelters an astonishing array of animal and plant life, thriving in this extraordinary and often unforgiving environment. Those with an interest in flora should keep an eye out for moss and fern within the national park’s beech forests, while animal lovers can spy Magellenic Woodpeckers, Albatrosses and Penguins in the wild, to name a few.

Hiking in Tierra del Fuego

There’s limitless scope for adventures on foot in Tierra del Fuego, and you won’t be short of striking scenery to marvel at along the way. Hike through pristine forests and valleys, along riverbanks and lakeside bays, and after it all retreat to your Ushuaia hotel, feeling completely reinvigorated and taken aback by the barren beauty of this place.

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