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Boasting UNESCO World Heritage Sites and blissful countryside; San Agustín is an unmissable Colombian delight.

Though this area is best known for its world-famous Archaeological Park - home to the largest collection of religious monuments of megalithic sculptures in South America - there is more than meets the eye to San Agustín. On top of a bewildering array of fantastically well-preserved crypts, monuments and statues, an unrivalled highlight and main reason to visit the park, ancient sites and living museums, you will find charming rural settlements, natural wonders and an altogether enchanting side to a lesser-visited region of Colombia.

If it’s endless ancient intrigue, hidden gems and traditional communities you seek; look no further than San Agustín. Bordering the Magdalena River, this small town is the springboard to one of South America’s truly timeless surrounding regions, largely down to the beguiling array of historic artefacts, ranging from giant statues, hand-carved straight from volcanic rock and dating back thousands of years, to delicately decorated colonial churches - and everything in between.

When you do need to take a break from the archaeological relics, tombs and shrines, San Agustín - and the countryside which envelops it - offers scenic trekking routes, beautiful horse riding trails and some of the most authentic, lip-smacking restaurants anywhere in the country, just for good measure!

Highlights of San Agustín:

The San Agustín Archaeological Park

The phrase ‘must-see’ can sometimes be overused, however, for anyone even close to this region of Colombia, a trip to the monuments of San Agustín Archaeological Park simply must feature on your itinerary. Ceremonial sites, burial mounds, crypts and tombs, hundreds of eerie statues, superb artistic pieces and much, much more cover four separate sites, each of which would be an enviable attraction in its own right irrespective of the other three! With day trips, half-day tours and extensive explorations available, there's something for everyone.

Magdalena Gorge

The 1,528km of the Magdalena River could not be more varied from one section to the next, at times sprawling, rapid-lined and an uncontrollable force of nature, while at others - simply cutting through rock faces just a few metres in width. Visiting one of Magdalena's tamer stretches provides not only a welcome change to the man-made wonders of the region, but is a scenic, enjoyable and all-natural excursion in its own right.

The painted crypts of Tierradentro

Of the many fascinating and varied archaeological - and indeed UNESCO World Heritage - sites in the region, Tierradentro is among the most unique. With a suitable number of outdoor monuments and giant statues lining the fields, themselves a delight to behold, what makes this site a little different is the fact that the main event sits 9m below ground! Delve deep, with candlelight as your guide, to explore the delicately painted walls and tomb ceilings, themselves thought to be decorated in the style found in

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