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Montevideo, the lively capital city of Uruguay, is overflowing with rich culture, tango shows and fine wine.

Vast, eclectic and full of intrigue, Montevideo is a fascinating city in South America with so much to offer visitors. From busy markets to delightful colonial architecture, must-see museums to sea views, the capital city of Uruguay is well worth exploring on a trip to this under-the-radar country.

Montevideo is a bustling port city on the Rio de la Plata that measures 20km from one side to the other, home to around half the country’s population – this really is the epicentre of Uruguay! This sprawling place packs in a wide variety of cityscapes, from the seemingly endless seafront promenade (known as the Rambla) where locals take in the sunset, to the slick financial centre, and many others in-between. For visitors, it is a treasure chest of colonial buildings, best explored on a city tour through the Old Town to witness the European-styled architecture, rubbing shoulders with a melange of Art Deco and Neoclassical gems.

Montevideo culture is interesting indeed. There are amazing markets where you can mingle with the locals and browse the tantalising food on show, before deciding which of the seafood restaurants you want to hit for lunch. You can also head to a traditional theatre for a world-class tango performance – Montevideo was another birthplace of the sultry dance, not just Buenos Aires! Finally, there’s no visiting Montevideo without pulling up a chair at a café on the plaza to watch the world go by, maybe even catching an outdoor dance show on the street while you sip a glass of velvety red wine.

Highlights of Montevideo:

Montevideo wineries

The wonderful thing about the size of Uruguay is that it makes day trips to wineries all too easy! Uruguay produces world-class wine, including the signature Tannat which is a full-bodied red that you simply must try when on a tasting tour from Montevideo.

Museums in Montevideo

The Carnival Museum, Presidents Museum, Gaucho and Mint Museum – Montevideo is packed full with unusual and interesting museums to explore. The former is dedicated to this favourite Latin American celebration, as Las Llamadas in Montevideo is the longest Carnival festival in the world!

Dinner and Tango

Witness the convergence of exquisite Uruguayan cuisine and impressive tango dancing, all in one spectacular evening in Montevideo. Relish a three-course meal before marvelling at some expert performances; there’s no better way to delve deep into the local culture.

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