Colca Canyon Travel

Prepare to be blown away by the mighty Colca Canyon, Peru’s breathtaking river gorge that’s twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

In the south of Peru, just a few hours away from the White City of Arequipa, there lies a beguiling landscape that stretches for over 100km: this is the Colca Canyon. Peppered with traditional rural villages (some dating back to the time of the Inca), forested slopes, Andean Condors, plus a mix of colonial and pre-Columbian buildings – a Colca Canyon trek or multi-day tour showcases the many wonders of this enchanting land.

The Colca Canyon is the second deepest of its kind in the world, characterised by craggy cliffs with a river at their feet, 3,400m below. This impressive gorge is the perfect playground for trekkers, day-trippers and bird-watchers alike, particularly since it is famous for being home to the great Andean Condor.

The scenery transforms with every mile, providing no end of vantage points. Admire the verdant valleys, soaring peaks, sleepy villages, and terraced hillsides where farmers work the land, much like their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Wander through towns like Chivay, Macca and Yanque, dotted with colonial churches and sleepy streets. Bathe in hot springs with a sublime view of the canyon, or wallow in the warm waters of an al fresco hot tub at a boutique hotel. All the while, keep an eye out for those majestic Condors and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Highlights of Colca Canyon:

Mirador Cruz del Condor

The ‘Condor Cross’ lookout point is the best place to catch sight of these great beasts as they circle the skies above. It also bestows a superb vantage point to soak up the canyon views, which are simply breathtaking from here.

Calera Hot Springs

Bathe in this soothing hot spring pool to soothe weary bones after a day of trekking or exploring the canyon. You can also enjoy some free entertainment as zip-liners whiz nearby over the gorge!


Both conveniently located in the Colca Canyon for access to the region’s best spots, and a fascinating town in itself, Chivay is an excellent place to base yourself. Stroll down sleepy streets, peruse produce markets, dip into churches and survey the gorgeous canyon scenery all around.

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