Torres del Paine Travel

Adventure activities, luxury lodges and some of the best views in Patagonia; all in Torres del Paine National Park.

Torres del Paine has built up a legendary status among travellers, with its impossibly blue lakes, towering snow-dusted mountains, pine forests and a surprising amount of wildlife, making this – unquestionably – one of the most scenic parts of Patagonia. Among the many outdoor activities in Torres del Paine, there are endless hiking routes for everyone from expert climbers to leisurely walkers, for the chance to admire glaciers, mineral-rich waterfalls, rivers and high-altitude lagoons, making for some of the most spectacular photos in Chile!

If looking to experience one of the great travel experiences during your trip to South America, Torres del Paine National Park should be somewhere near the top of your list. This untamed expanse of azure lagoons, picturesque mountains, authentic estancias, lookout points and so much more, covers nearly 2,000sq km of stunning landscapes; a true privilege to witness as somewhere which never fails to leave its mark on visiting travellers.

While here, get up close and personal to the great Grey Glacier, lay your eyes on the national park’s mighty granite pillars themselves, or take in the sobering views of Torres del Paine’s beautiful lakes: Sarmiento, Pehoe and Nordenskjold. This UNESCO-protected natural heritage site is also home to its share of wildlife, with Guanacos, Flamingos, Andean Condors, Andean Deer and even Pumas thriving here, making hikes, mountain bike rides, lake crossings and horse riding trails throughout Torres del Paine all the more enjoyable.

Highlights of Torres del Paine:

Paine Massif

The star of the show in this national park, the Paine Massif consists of spiky, granite peaks that are a wonder to behold, whether embarking on a hike or simply admiring the view from your boutique hotel. Often referred to as the ‘Cuernos del Paine’, these majestic, rocky ‘horns’ never cease to bewitch onlookers, and any visit to the national park will undoubtedly involve seeking out views of this staggering sight.

Zodiac boat tour

Carve through the waters of Torres del Paine’s majestic landscapes, exploring glaciers, forests, fjords and more by zodiac, admiring this pristine wilderness from an entirely different perspective. Spot wildlife that dwell on the shoreline, see icebergs drifting on glassy waters and revel in mountain vistas all the while; a boat trip in Torres del Paine has it all.

Grey Glacier

Get up close and personal to the Grey Glacier, a famous natural wonder of Patagonia, from the safety of a boat, viewing it from multiple angles and – with luck on your side – maybe even witnessing the spectacle of an ice block crashing from the glacier into the water below. There’s also the chance to explore Argentina’s El Perito Moreno Glacier from Torres del Paine on a day trip, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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