Hiking in South America

With such varied, jaw-dropping landscapes there’s no end of possibilities when it comes to hiking in South America.

South America is the perfect place to embrace the outdoors, put on a pair of walking boots and go for a hike. Whether you are surrounded by the stunning scenery in Patagonia, visiting one of the many national parks that spread from the top to the very bottom of the continent, or find yourself high up in the cloud forests of Peru, hiking in South America is an experience like no other.

Be it through the Amazon, the desert or even a major city, when hiking in South America you will find the views spectacular and the wildlife enchanting. With so many options available to you, no matter what your fitness level is, there will be something to suit you. The national parks are definitely a highlight for those who wish to see the wealth of flora and fauna that South America flaunts, and Torres del Paine in Chile is perhaps one of the most popular with dozens of hiking routes. Tailor-make your journey, and walk anything from a few hours to several days, all the while enjoying soul-stirring vistas of glaciers and imposing rock formations. To catch a glimpse of the volcanic activity that South America is so well known for, head to Cotopaxi National Park in Ecuador, where remote trails take you across vast valleys and past picturesque lakes, with snow-covered peaks as your constant backdrop.

Bolivia also has its fair share of treks. Hike to an elevated position for breathtaking sights of Lake Titicaca from above, or how about heading to Colombia to discover the lost city of La Ciudad Perdida? After walking for four days through dense forest these ancient ruins will not disappoint. With cities in mind, remember hiking in South America does not have to be off the beaten track; there are many walks within some of the continent's most captivating urban jungles. Take a walk to the top of Cerro San Cristóbal in Santiago de Chile or perhaps admire some of Oscar Niemeyer’s architectural delights while exploring the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte. No matter where you travel in South America, getting out on foot and taking a hike will allow you to truly discover the sublime secrets of this intoxicating continent.

Hiking in South America Highlights:
  • Hike the iconic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in the Sacred Valley, Peru
  • Witness dramatic Patagonian scenery throughout the W Trek, Torres del Paine, Chile
  • Navigate past jewel-hued lakes and forests along the Nahuel Huapi Traverse, Lake District, Argentina
  • Get a dose of ancient history by trekking to La Ciudad Perdida, Sierra Nevada, Colombia
  • Sense the magic of Lake Titicaca by walking to Pilko Kaina, Isla del Sol, Bolivia
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