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A little town that boasts a whole lot of adventure, Esquel is prime for outdoor adventures in the Lake District, nestled at the foot of the Alerces National Park.

Encounter some of the oldest trees in the world at Alerces National Park on a holiday to Esquel, a charming rural village that offers easy access to this naturally bountiful corner of the Lake District. Just 28,000 people call Esquel home, which makes it a delightfully intimate, quiet place and excellent launchpad for forays into the wild.

Those who opt to stay in Esquel, towards the southern fringes of the Lake District, will find the UNESCO-stamped Alerces National Park irresistibly close. In this bucolic haven you can feast your eyes on jewel-toned lakes, rivers with glaciers at their source, and enchanting forests including the ancient Alerce trees which can grow up to nearly 3,000 years old. As well as hiking through this stunning wonderland, adventurers can try white water rafting, kayaking or swimming; horse riding, biking or rock climbing; among other active pursuits.

Then, as winter draws in, outdoor activities continue in the form of skiing and snowboarding, particularly at La Hoya. This mountain resort is only 30 minutes by road from Esquel, flaunting 24 pistes to carve your way down and of course ravishing views of the snow-laden landscape. What’s more, for a dose of culture, visitors to Esquel can dip into museums like the Leleque, revealing what life was life for the Tehuelche indigenous population; or glimpse Welsh customs thriving to this day at settlement villages such as Trevelin. Esquel is an Argentine town that continues to delight and surprise its wide-eyed visitors, no matter what your reason for venturing here.

Highlights of Esquel:

Los Alerces National Park

Without a doubt, Los Alerces is an absolute must-visit during any holiday to Esquel. Admire ancient Alerce trees, embark on an adventure and soak up the pristine natural scene all around you.

La Trochita

A quirky Lake District landmark, La Trochita is a vintage steam train that still takes passengers between Esquel and El Maitén, travelling across seriously beautiful scenery and also back in time to the 1930s, when the locomotive made its first journey.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Anyone with an interest in this legend shouldn’t miss the chance to witness the famous fugitives’ Patagonian cabin, which is found in nearby Cholila where they spent five years in hiding.

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