Rabida Island Travel

Fiery red sands, friendly Sea Lions and lagoons that attract pretty pink Flamingos all feature on Rabida Island.

In a break from the norm, rather than the white sandy coasts that many of the other islands of the Galapagos possess, Rabida has a rich red beach fringed with equally scarlet cliffs. This is due to a high level of oxidised iron in the volcanic material found in the local area and the result is truly dramatic. Sat in the centre of three of the larger islands – Santa Cruz, Santiago and Isabela – Rabida is home to a colony of Sea Lions and a plethora of birdlife.

Rabida Island is a fantastic place to visit not just because of the vivid red beaches, but also for the trail across the island, that not only takes you past numerous endemic species of flora and fauna but also to a lagoon that plays host to a collection of elegant Flamingos. As you step onto the beach a welcoming committee of Sea Lions will be ready to make you feel at home along with the odd Marine Iguana.

Making your way across the island, you will note the high level of avian life making use of the Galapagos Cactus and Palo Santos trees that are prevalent here. No less than nine types of Darwin’s Finch live on this island side by side, with Galapagos Mockingbirds, Hawks and a colony of Brown Pelicans also calling Rabida home. Meanwhile, Blue-footed and Nazca Boobies nest in the distinct crimson cliffs, easily observed if you choose to sail or perhaps kayak around the perimeter of Rabida, taking in the hive of activity below the water as you cruise along. Rabida is certainly a rare ruby red gem at the heart of the archipelago.

Highlights of Rabida Island:

Photograph the dramatic backdrop

The Galapagos Islands are well known for their beautiful scenery but, with its rich red beaches and volcanic rocks, Rabida offers something that other islands in the region cannot. Be sure to get some snaps of this almost otherworldly landscape.

Observe the Brown Pelican colony

Just behind the beach among the Salt Brush you’ll find a colony of Brown Pelicans. Rabida is a great place to see these magnificent birds up close, particularly thanks to the large numbers of Pelican that nest here.

Go snorkelling

The beach may be red, but this has in no way compromised the quality of the water that laps at the shore of Rabida. Snorkelling off the coast of this tiny islet is incredible, offering opportunities to see Sea Lions and the occasional Fur Seal at play, you may also come across White-tipped Sharks, Rays and schools of dazzling tropical fish.

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