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Buenos Aires; notorious Latin American flair in a cosmopolitan city of architectural intrigue and legendary nightlife!

With a distinctly European feel in the layout of the city and design of its key buildings, though inhabited by an international population characterised by their laidback spirit of late dining and ritual siestas, Buenos Aires feels like a fusion between cultures. Numerous green parks, unmissable tango shows and a rich cultural history of empire and political unrest all contribute towards the intoxicating attraction of this enigmatic city.

Though never claiming to be the tidiest or most organised of capital cities, the ramshackle appearance of crumbling masonry and cloth-lined balconies is, in fact, quite deceiving. Underneath the cosmetics associated with some of Buenos Aires’ numerous barrios, or neighbourhoods, lies a highly cultured, intriguing and extremely welcoming city of fun-loving international residents. Absorbing the culinary delights of Italy, architecture inspired by the best of Parisian masonry and a firm dedication to the delights of late-night revelry and good times associated with continental Europe, there are few places which can compare with the subtle undertones and fascinating atmosphere which Buenos Aires is known for.

Time here is best spent simply enjoying the ambience of an assured city, walking between leafy parks and tree-lined neighbourhoods, sipping a coffee in cosmopolitan cafes or learning the complex history of the town embattled by political scandal and unrest. No trip would be complete, however, without taking in at least one iconic tango show or class (for those brave enough), before dining out on the world-class steak and all-too drinkable red wine, which is the staple diet for many local porteños. So, whether seeking sleepless nights, a cultural melting pot or historical interest, this ever-evolving city is certainly for you.

Highlights of Buenos Aires:

Tango show and dinner

No trip to Buenos Aires is even close to complete without experiencing the wonders of a good Tango show. Taking in the extraordinary athleticism and cultural significance of these shows, during an evening which also includes a delicious dinner is surely the archetypal Argentinian evening. Head to the Faena Hotel for one of the most intimate shows in town, though many more exist throughout the city.

Experiencing the gaucho life

The green plains which surround Buenos Aires are the native stomping ground to explore Argentina’s gaucho culture. These rolling hills and open fields have provided a traditional farming way of life for the people here over many generations. Take the time to explore the best of San Antonio de Areco as an exciting day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Boat ride through the Tigre Delta

Traverse Buenos Aires' trendy San Isidro neighbourhood, for a boat ride through the Tigre Delta and Parana River. This area is awash with connecting waterways, streams and foliage, perfect for a relaxing boat ride and unexpected natural encounter, given the region's proximity to the hub of Buenos Aires.

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