Adventure Tours Argentina

Highlights of Argentina:

  • Tango shows in Buenos Aires
  • Wine tasting in Mendoza
  • Patagonia hiking and biking
  • The mighty Iguazu Falls
  • Experiencing the Gaucho lifestyle

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A land of supreme sights, fine wine, gauchos and wildlife; you are sure to be captivated on a tailor-made tour to Argentina. It’s not just the taste of exquisite steak that’ll make you want to linger, but also evocative tango shows – Argentina’s signature, sultry dance – the rolling pampas and estancia lifestyle, offering a true immersion into this intoxicating country.

Cultural Argentina trips

Start your custom Argentina trip by navigating the leafy boulevards of Buenos Aires, a lively capital awash with European-influenced architecture, exuding unmistakeable South American charisma. Absorbing the culinary delights of Italy, architecture inspired by Parisian streets and a firm dedication to late night revelry and good times, akin to continental Europe, there are few places which can compare with the subtle undertones and fascinating atmosphere that Buenos Aires is known for. If that weren’t enough to excite you, then perhaps the Andean cultures of Salta and Jujuy in the northwest surely will. Bask in a heady mix of eye-popping desert scenery, beautifully preserved colonial towns, indigenous history and exquisite wineries, on a bespoke cultural tour of Argentina.

Wine tasting in Argentina

That leads us on to one of the country’s greatest assets: wine! Cafayate is the wine mecca of Northwest Argentina, packing a punch with its fragrant bouquets and full-bodied flavours. Then of course, it’s no exaggeration that Mendoza is Latin America’s most revered wine region, boasting some 1,500 wineries and 350,000 acres of vineyards – and counting. Sprawled at the foot of the Andes Mountain Range, it’s a delightfully picturesque spot for wine tours in Argentina too, with soaring, snow-topped peaks forming the perfect backdrop to endless vines that stretch out for mile upon mile before you.

Outdoor adventures in Argentina

Prepare to be left speechless by the majesty of Argentina’s landscapes, from Iguazu Falls in the northeast to El Perito Moreno Glacier in the south. At its broadest point, Iguazu Falls expands across nearly 3km of powerful drops and spectacular plunges, feeding the Paraná River below. The wider Iguazu National Park is just as absorbing, home to swathes of tropical plants, exotic forests and over 400 individual bird species. Many miles away, in Argentine Patagonia, ruggedly beautiful scenery provides the perfect playground for avid hikers and adventurers. In the Lake District, forests cling to mountain slopes, glaciers intersperse craggy peaks, and a string of volcanoes bring a touch of drama to this utterly picturesque scene. Then, El Calafate, a jumble of icy glaciers, silent lakes and the windswept steppe, making up some of Patagonia’s most captivating scenery. Finally, rounding it all off is the wildlife-rich Valdes Peninsula and trips to ends-of-the-earth magnificence in Tierra del Fuego – the ‘land of fire’.

Whether it’s the landscapes, culture or wine that has your interest piqued, rest assured a tailor-made Argentina tour will not disappoint. Take a look at our collection of customisable Argentina tours below, handpick the hotels and activities that you want to incorporate into your trip, and start planning your unforgettable South American adventure!


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