Providencia Island Travel

The stuff of daydreams, idyllic Providencia Island is Colombia’s Caribbean hideaway that has to be seen to be believed.

White sandy shores, leaning palm trees, aquamarine waters, out-of-this-world snorkelling opportunities, a welcoming local vibe and not a high-rise hotel in sight. Providencia Island ticks every box for a dream tropical island getaway – just don’t be put off by the journey to get there! Many are, which is why it remains in spectacular isolation, untainted by tourism.

There isn’t actually a great deal that’s Colombian about Providencia Island. Sitting way out in the Caribbean Sea, the cheerful, laidback atmosphere of this beauty spot feels a little more Jamaican, if anything. There are no direct flights from the Colombian mainland, further cutting off the inhabitants from the rest of the world. So you won’t hear Colombian Spanish spoken here but English Creole, dating way back to when the island was a British colony. The friendly locals live a traditional way of life, seemingly uninterested in profiting from the exquisite beauty of their island home.

A visit here is all about switching off from life’s worries, even forgetting about what time of day it is, and simply embracing the here and now. Spend your time discovering deserted sandy coves and walking the quiet coastline. The warm, turquoise waters, packed with tropical fish, also beg to be explored. Mouth-watering barbecues of fresh fish, caught by local fishermen, taste divine after a day’s snorkelling, and curling up in a hammock to watch the sun set over the Caribbean Sea makes for the perfect end to the perfect day.

Highlights of Providencia Island:

Snorkel around Cayo Cangrejo

The snorkelling and diving is truly exceptional almost anywhere around Providencia but the best spot has to be Cayo Cangrejo, or Crab Island. Take a boat across then don your gear to get up close to all manner of tropical fish and turtles.

Lovers’ Bridge to Santa Catalina

Attached to the north side of Providencia by a footbridge, Santa Catalina is a quiet island with empty beaches, a smattering of colourful houses and several canons and forts dating back to colonial times. Exploring its picturesque coastline makes for a romantic day out.

Hike El Pico

The best views of the island are from El Pico. If you can tear yourself away from the sandy beaches and make the hike to the top, then you’ll be rewarded with simply stunning panoramas of the island, coastline and blue waters beneath you.

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