Tayrona National Park Travel

A melange of protected jungle, idyllic beaches and pre-Columbian sites, Tayrona National Park is not to be missed.

Imagine a place where the temperature barely drops below 25⁰C, marks of ancient civilisations remain a part of the cultural patchwork, and tropical rainforests are wild and untamed, just like the beaches fringing them. This is Tayrona National Park in Colombia, and it’s just as jaw-droppingly beautiful in real life as it sounds.

Established as a national park in 1969, Tayrona has been protected and upheld ever since, drawing in visitors with its verdant landscapes and beguiling culture. The Tayrona people once flourished here, as can be glimpsed through ancient sites like Pueblito and La Ciudad Perdida – literally, ‘The Lost City’ which is so deeply entangled in the jungle that it takes three or four days to hike there! This is just one of the many reasons why Tayrona National Park is the ideal playground for adventurers, history-lovers and nature-seekers.

Another string to its bow are the glorious beaches that hug the coastline of Tayrona National Park; golden sands strewn with rock boulders and backed by swaying Palm trees to bestow a true ‘paradise’ setting. You won’t find any glam super-resorts here; part of the region’s allure is the rustic accommodation scene, made up of thatched cabanas perched on the shorefront or up in amidst the tree canopy, yet with a dose of luxury thrown in, just for good measure. So, with back-to-nature lodging, the temperature barely dropping below 25⁰C and endless spots for blissful relaxation, you really need look no further than Tayrona National Park.

Highlights of Tayrona National Park:

Beaches of Tayrona

Some of the best beaches in Colombia can be found along a stretch of shoreline edging the Tayrona National Park. Bookended on one side by the untamed Playa Cañaveral, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the crashing waves and sandy beaches from the top of a small peak. Steadily meander on, taking time for a hearty lunch, before eventually arriving at the Playa Cabo San Juan, a flawless beach with palm trees and inviting waters.

La Ciudad Perdida

When the first Spanish settlers set up base in Santa Marta, it was with the aim of pursuing untold riches found within the Sierra Nevada, whose location is now known as The Lost City. While the site no longer gleams with gold, you will no doubt leave with a reservoir rich in incredible memories following this 4-5 day trek (depending on your fitness levels). Channel your inner Indiana Jones as you cross rickety bridges, climb endless stone steps and wade through streams to reach the incredible archaeological site.

El Pueblito

For an insight into the heart of the indigenous Tayrona culture look no further than this fascinating excursion. Hike up through the humming rainforest, filled with brightly coloured lizards and peculiar looking insects, until you reach the small village of El Pueblito. Glimpse a snapshot into the ways in the Tayrona people lived and practiced their traditions, while exploring the well-preserved huts and terraces.

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