About us

As a company, Surtrek has an embedded belief in the power of travel experiences, the importance of sustainability and a deep love for all things South America. The company was born from the bold vision of Alfonso Tandazo who, at the time, was a highly skilled and passionate tour guide, leading intrepid travellers to all corners of the continent. Alfonso’s care for nature, the landscape and beauty of chance encounters with friendly locals inspired him to create a travel company with a difference, one whose purpose was to replicate some of the life changing, memorable moments he and his groups would regularly enjoy.

This same burning energy, commitment and innovation is more apparent now, 20 years later, than ever. An international team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, operating from Ecuador to London, Zürich to China, now support Alfonso’s dream, ensuring that every single trip enjoyed by Surtrek’s travelling passengers is as seamlessly executed and thoroughly enjoyed as those very first guided treks, two decades ago.

Through Discover Your South America, there is now an unrivalled ability to create your own perfect tour, leaning on Surtrek’s long understanding of the continent, though adapting every element of your vacation to suit the endless opportunities and unforgettable experiences which this mesmerising part of the world is able to offer.

The only question that remains is: ‘When and where does my South American adventure begin?’

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