Where to Honeymoon in Chile

For anyone thinking about a honeymoon in Chile, this South American nation has it all: romantic spots, stargazing, its own wine region, stunning landscapes and either adrenaline sports for active types, or gentle scenic strolls if seeking a slower pace of life after the big day. A honeymoon in Chile can look one of so many ways, given the diversity up and down the country, a top travel destination in Latin America. So, here at Surtrek we have taken a look at some of Chile’s best honeymoon destinations to give you a little helping hand when planning that all-important, once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Start your Chile honeymoon in Santiago

Given that the capital, Santiago, is the entry point for flights into Chile, we think it’s best to start your memorable vacation with a couple of relaxed days exploring the city, and its many fantastic restaurants. If in need of a little exercise to stretch the legs after your flight, take a hike up San Cristobal Hill for the best views of Santiago and the surrounding Andes Mountain Range, or rent a car for a few hours and make the short drive to Cajon del Maipo, for even more remote hiking trails. For something a little more relaxed during the day however, we suggest acclimatising yourself with a stroll through the Metropolitan and Quinta Normal Parks, Plaza de Armas, or visit Santiago’s impressive Cathedral. There are interactive, natural history and contemporary art museums to enjoy too, as well as several sprawling shopping boulevards which are both pedestrianised and lined with atmospheric cafes, all making for easy afternoons before the real travelling begins. You could even spend a day and night in Chile’s lush Central Valley nearby, staying at one of the region’s many boutique vineyards and sampling some of the best new world wines the country has to offer; a suitably scenic start by anyone’s standards. Come evening then, and Santiago is alive with countless restaurants, bars and clubs. This is one of the liveliest and safest capitals in Latin America – simply follow your nose and find your own favourite hotspots for a fun-filled night.

Santiago, Honeymoon in Chile

Leandro Neumann Ciuffo, “Mirador – 2” [CC BY 2.0] 

Honeymoon in Chile’s Atacama Desert

Any holiday to this versatile country should include a stop in the magnificent Atacama Desert, but if you are on honeymoon in Chile, it is even more unmissable! First, you have a swathe of fantastic boutique lodges in the Atacama Desert to choose from, such as Alto Atacama, Tierra and Awasi Atacama – among many others. Importantly, these lodges offer all-inclusive packages with both food, onsite facilities and excellent guiding included, so you have nothing to worry about aside from enjoying the unforgettable views, otherworldly landscapes and, of course, the best stargazing in the entire southern hemisphere. Indeed, as interesting and action-packed as daytimes will be – with walks through the Moon Valley, intimate horse-riding trails, mountain biking to unimaginable viewpoints, high altitude lagoons to admire, wildlife encounters or photo safaris to enjoy – it is when the sun goes down and stars come out that the Atacama Desert really takes on its romantic honeymoon edge. Imagine cuddling up under a cosy blanket with infinite stars, planets and constellations hovering above you across an ethereal night sky. Then, when the time is right, head back to your boutique lodge for hot cocoa and a nightcap; perfection. And when the sun rises next morning, another day of bewildering landscapes, ancient valleys and even salt flats, plus that unmistakably Atacameño sense of isolation awaits.

Atacama, Honeymoon in Chile

poLiMetralleta, “Atacama” PIXABAY


The Lake District: a top destination for any honeymoon in Chile

No matter what your interests, how active or laidback you want your honeymoon in Chile to be, the Lake District simply must feature on your route. Here, undulating hills covered in evergreen pine trees sprawl between deep blue lakes, trickling streams and hidden shoreside hotels. There is a real foodie culture too, as energy-sapping outdoor activities such as mountain biking, kayaking and walking are rewarded with hearty regional cuisine, slow cooked meat dishes and plates of oven roasted vegetables when you return home. That’s if opting for the more local gastronomic scene, though fine dining restaurants also exist in some of the high-end hotels that the Chilean Lake District is also known for. Undoubtedly however, it is making the most of those spellbinding views and beautiful walks, waltzing along lakeside trails and getting lost in the forest that make this area one of Chile’s best honeymoon destinations.

Lake District, Honeymoon in Chile

Hector Montero, “∞” [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Romance in Patagonia

Think of your perfect honeymoon and the thought of steep snow-capped mountains, icefields and all-weather clothing may not spring instantly to mind! Yet to visit Patagonia on your exciting honeymoon in Chile will provide you with some of the country’s most unforgettable and surprisingly intimate moments, even in such an extreme environment. If you are the type of couple who love to get amongst the great outdoors, there really is nowhere better than the Torres del Paine National Park and wider Patagonia. This is a land of dramatic and sweeping valleys, unexpected wildlife and remote lodges setting the scene with their roaring fireplaces, sheepskin rugs and traditional fare. This region of Chile offers something for absolutely everyone, thanks to its unrivalled natural beauty, near-zero impact from humankind and of course, those irresistibly atmospheric hotels. So, if looking to get lost in the countryside, push the boundaries with intrepid walks and return home with enviable photographs from glaciers to mountains, and some of the most beautiful lakes in the world, then it’s hard to look past Torres del Paine.

Patagonia, Honeymoon in Chile

Charlie Stinchcomb, “Glacier trek” [CC BY 2.0]

Make yours a honeymoon in Chile to remember – start planning your bespoke itinerary using our online trip-builder, handpicking the activities and hotels that suit you and your loved one perfectly. Surtrek is always at hand to help out. Call us on 1 866 978 7398 (Canada and USA) or 080 8189 0438 (UK) to talk to an expert, and Discover Your South America with Surtrek!

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