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Yoga | Discover Your South America Blog

Wellness Holidays in Chile

Wellness Holidays in Chile Whether your idea of a wellness break is staying at a luxury hotel with a first-class spa, immersing yourself in nature and new cultures or enjoying some gentle but restorative...
Outdoor adventures in Patagonia | Patagonia packing list

Patagonia Packing List

Patagonia Packing List It’s November, which means that spring is in full flow in Patagonia and so there are some lucky travellers who are preparing for their trip to this extraordinary adventure wonderland. But...
Patagonia, Honeymoon in Chile

Where to Honeymoon in Chile

For anyone thinking about a honeymoon in Chile, this South American nation has it all: romantic spots, stargazing, its own wine region, stunning landscapes and either adrenaline sports for active types, or gentle scenic...
Lake District, Patagonia

Stunning Sights in Patagonia

Utter the word ‘Patagonia’, and no doubt images of snowy mountain peaks, azure glaciers and emerald forests spring to mind. Patagonia is vast, a true wilderness sprawling across Chile and Argentina, where nature rules...
Diving in the Galapagos

Scuba Diving in South America

With mile after mile of pristine coastline, protected coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, sinkholes and sunken shipwrecks; snorkelling or scuba diving in South America is surely one of the must-do experiences when visiting...
Awasi Patagonia, Chile

The Best Luxury Hotels in Chile

Chile is having a moment right now, and about time too. It has an impressive CV: desert canyons and lagoons, art-filled cities, wine valleys, craggy mountains, pre-Columbian sites and even sandy beaches – but...
Torres del Paine | Discover Your South America Blog

Chile: #1 Travel Destination 2018

Chile has been crowned the number one travel destination for 2018 by Lonely Planet, and we have to say that such a prestigious recognition is long overdue for this amazing South American gem. To...
Festival Brazil

The Best Festivals in Latin America

To visit a traditional Latin festival during your visit to South America, is an unforgettable experience during any trip to the continent. There’s certainly no doubting the global appeal of Latin America’s best-known carnivals,...
Lake Pehoé, Torres del Paine, Chile

Holiday Hot List: Top South American Destinations for 2018

At Surtrek, we believe that South America is an infinitely enchanting continent which every traveller should visit – no matter what the year! But we agree with travel experts, such as Lonely Planet, National...