Wellness Holidays in Chile

Wellness Holidays in Chile

Whether your idea of a wellness break is staying at a luxury hotel with a first-class spa, immersing yourself in nature and new cultures or enjoying some gentle but restorative exercise, wellness holidays in Chile can offer all of these things, and so much more. You may be unsure of the difference between yoga and Pilates, or perhaps you are a seasoned pro and love nothing better than dedicating time to yourself each day for quiet meditation. Either way, there is something to suit every level of mindfulness and spiritual awakening in Chile’s evocative mix of holistic and spiritual destinations. Read on to discover some of our favourite wellness holidays in Chile: from cultural connections in Easter Island to nature escapes in Patagonia.

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Spiritual Easter Island

Easter Island, or ‘Rapa Nui’, is one of the most mystical places on earth. Its giant, mysterious statues, the Moai, have been drawing visitors to its shores for many years, instilling a sense of wonder with their solemn, stone-carved faces lined up one next to the other on altars known as ‘ahu’. Not only are these imposing figures testament to Easter Island’s rich past, but the Rapa Nui people of today sustain the culture of their ancestors, making this far-flung islet so intriguing to visit.

There are many ways to experience this spiritual island on a wellness holiday, from horse riding, biking and cruises in glass-bottomed boats to archaeological tours of the ahu themselves; there is no escaping the footprints left by the ancients. What’s more, while there are several ceremonial sites on the island, one of the most spectacular is Orongo. Teetering on a cliff edge, on the side of the majestic Rano Kau volcano, these low-lying houses are still standing today and fascinating to explore. This ancient village is thought to have been used for a number of reasons including the Birdman ceremony, where representatives from each tribe would compete for various privileges. Carvings and paintings are still present in and around the village, and given its dramatic oceanfront position it is an excellent place to really take some time to focus your mind, pondering what life would’ve been like centuries before. All in all, Chile’s Easter Island is an excellent place to strip things back, engage with Rapa Nui culture and take time away from the modern world.

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Restorative moments in the Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert – a great 105,000sq km expanse in northern Chile – is the perfect destination for those seeking to reconnect with Mother Earth. If you are looking for sublime isolation, you are sure to find it here. With salt flats, lagoons, geysers, thermal pools and some of the best stargazing known to man, the Atacama Desert is home to some of the world’s most jaw-dropping scenes that you can’t help but feel moved by. There’s plenty of scope for adventure here too, from biking through canyons to hiking to hidden waterfalls, plus excursions to ancient cultural sites thrown in for good measure.

Complementing the Atacama’s wild, soul-stirring setting are exquisite luxury lodges, many of which draw inspiration from traditional building techniques of the region (making use of adobe, for example). Ranking among the very best of them are Alto Atacama, Tierra Hotel, explora and Awasi, all with soothing spas that offer an extensive selection of treatments, indoor-outdoor hydrotherapy pools and the chance to practice some desert yoga. Therefore, in the Atacama Desert of Chile you can take care of your mind, body and soul, as well as discovering some of the most wonderous landscapes in South America, ensuring you leave the desert feeling totally zen.

Finding serenity in Santiago

A city break doesn’t need to be all go-go-go. Even amid the bustling streets of Chile’s vibrant capital, Santiago, it is possible to find some quiet space to relax and reflect. For example, take the funicular to Cerro San Cristobal and enjoy pottering around the fragrant botanical gardens here. While at the park, you will often come across tai chi and yoga classes, particularly at the weekend, so it is worth planning ahead to ensure your trip coincides with one of them. With the magnificent snow-capped Andes as your backdrop, it really is quite special.

What’s more, whether you are religious or not, the awe-inspiring Catedral Metropolitana de Santiago offers a wonderful space for quiet contemplation amid the stunning baroque design within. Take some time to meditate while soaking up every detail of this beautiful 16th century cathedral, finding peace in the holy space. Continue by stepping out onto the Plaza de Armas – where this religious icon is located – which has many a corner or tree-shaded bench to stop, sit and meditate, observing the comings and goings of the pretty square. So then, after a day of touring the city or perhaps a trip to one of the local vineyards, why not return to Mandarin Oriental Hotel Santiago for a spot of pampering. Minimalist rooms and an al fresco swimming pool are there to help you unwind, while the spa boasts a wide range of therapies from hot stone massages to milk baths and reflexology – who said city life was stressful?

Nature retreats in Torres del Paine National Park

A stay in or around the Torres del Paine National Park really brings nature’s extremes right to your doorstep. This vast area of Chilean Patagonia is home to gigantic icebergs, glistening lakes, soaring peaks and an abundance of wildlife, a place that’s beloved by wellness seekers who relish the thrill of outdoor adventures. Take deep healing breaths as you hike through the mountainous landscape, feel the pure joy of an exhilarating horseback ride while galloping through golden fields, or perhaps simply sit and absorb the stunning scenery that surrounds you here in this peaceful environment, almost untouched by mankind.

In addition, Torres del Paine plays host to a string of luxury eco lodges scattered throughout the area. Tierra Patagonia, explora, Hotel del Paine and Awasi are all stellar options, with many incorporating meals, activities and spa access into their rate plans; they also come with dazzling views of the Torres del Paine mountainscape. So, have your worries melt away as you focus on the exceptional natural beauty of Torres del Paine, savouring fine Chilean cuisine and wallowing in the bubbling waters of a hot Jacuzzi tub to work out any muscle tension; bliss.

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So then, we come to the end of our peaceful jaunt through some of the best spots for wellness holidays in Chile. All you need to do now is work out if your yoga mat will fit in your suitcase! Start planning your Chile wellness holiday today by tailoring one of our template tours to your liking. Handpick the hotels and activities you want, adjust the durations depending on how long you want to stay in each place, and have fun in the process! Surtrek is always at hand to help out. Call us on 1 866 978 7398 (Canada and USA) or 080 8189 0438 (UK) to talk to an expert, and Discover Your South America with Surtrek!

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