South America Winter Sun 2018

When it comes to winter sun holidays, South America has more than enough to offer! From dreamy beaches in Colombia to wildlife safaris in the Galapagos, there’s something for every type of traveller who seeks a slice of warmth and adventure when escaping the cold winter months.

Colombian Coast

When it comes to beach holidays in South America, Colombia boasts two strings to its bow: the Caribbean Coast, and the north Pacific. It is the only country in South America which straddles both, affording it 3,208km of gorgeous coastline, with each side offering something unique to the other. It’s summertime between December to March, so days filled with sunshine will keep any beachgoer happy!

The Pacific Coast is lesser-visited, though spectacular rewards await those who venture here, with incredible wildlife-watching opportunities (think nesting Sea Turtles, myriad birdlife and Humpback Whales, at certain times of the year), water-sports like surfing, and laidback living in rustic beach shacks. Meanwhile the Caribbean alternative offers not just picture-perfect beaches in Tayrona National Park, but ancient villages like Pueblito where you can glimpse the Tayrona culture, and the vivacious city of Cartagena. What’s not to love?

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Colombia coast

Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is infamous, and it’s certainly worth making a trip out to Brazil in February to coincide your visit with this exuberant festival. It’s a five-day extravaganza leading up to Ash Wednesday, 40 days before Easter, during which the sounds of Samba reverberate through the streets and flamboyant dancing gets everyone on their feet. You can’t help but join in the singing, make new friends and dance all day and all night long! What’s more, not only is Carnival the biggest festival of the year, it’s also a fantastic way to connect with Brazilian culture and learn more about this extraordinary country.

Explore the towns and villages beyond Rio and you’ll find that everyone is celebrating Mardi Gras with performances and dancing; though you can’t deny that Rio is the place where you’ll find the world’s biggest Carnival party!

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Galapagos Islands

There are various times throughout the year that are prime for visits to the Galapagos Islands, but January/February is when the water is warmer. Sure, there is rain too, but you’ll find that a spot of drizzle soon passes and the islands are drenched in sunshine; in fact, January to May is supposed to be the sunniest time of the year!

In terms of wildlife to watch in the Galapagos, you are spoilt for choice. As it’s mating season, look out for the courtships taking place between land birds, and be sure to see Sea Turtles nesting on the beaches. What’s more, as well as incredible flora and fauna to discover, you can spend your time at leisure snorkelling or scuba diving in the warm waters and sunbathing on the beach. Bliss.

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Galapagos beach


It may not be a classic ‘winter sun’ destination, but if you’ve been wanderlusting after an adventure to Patagonia then December to April is the best time to do it. The sun shines more at this time of year than ever, with temperatures averaging 20 degrees in the Lake District and 12 in the far south. It can be busier in January and February, but with its vast size, you’re sure to find your own slice of solitude. What’s more, March and April are the months of autumn, so lush foliage begins to turn burning red and orange in a stunning display of nature.

Venture to Torres del Paine National Park for classic Patagonian scenery and hiking, the Valdes Peninsula for wildlife watching, and El Calafate for majestic glaciers like Perito Moreno, with many more glorious places to explore in-between. Be sure to pack your windproof jacket though – it may be ‘summer’ here, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be spared from the Patagonian wind!

Perito Moreno glacier, Argentina

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