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Outdoor adventures in South America are known as some of the best travel experiences in the world, and for families, there’s so much in store. Here at Surtrek we know that adventure travel comes in all shapes and sizes, for you and the whole family. So, we decided to lend a helping hand to anyone looking for a family summer holiday with a twist as, although you can visit South America at any time of the year, working that summer vacation around the kids’ school breaks is a must. Luckily, family-friendly holidays in South America are every bit a part of our DNA, so if you’re looking for something a little bit different in 2018 then look no further!

Family summer holiday in the Amazon

Surtrek, Family tour in the Amazon

Imagine the smile on your children’s faces when they return back to school and tell their classmates that they visited Machu Picchu on their summer holiday; or saw amazing wildlife in the Galapagos Islands. Well this, and all the best South American experiences, can be easily arranged with our new personalised trip building tool designed and created only with you and yours in mind.

It’s time to be creative when planning your 2018 family summer holiday. Let’s start with Peru: endless ancient sites, lost temples hidden in the jungle, museums, rugged beaches and even the Amazon Rainforest, just some of the many treasures you can’t help but fall in love with no matter what your age. You could be walking through a bustling food market in Lima one minute, taking an exciting tour of centuries-old fortresses the next, getting lost down colonial cobblestone alleyways before visiting one of the world’s greatest wonders; Machu Picchu. Through our fun-filled trip builder, you can add extra days wherever you think the family would most like to spend their time, drop in excursions and ideal hotels together, all helping to build that perfect family summer holiday in Peru, or elsewhere.

Family summer holiday to Machu Picchu

PeruRail, Family tour in Machu Picchu

As far as kids are concerned, there is surely nowhere more exciting than the Amazon Rainforest. Mile upon mile of tropical trees, swinging Monkeys, Parrots, Piranhas and Crocodiles – it’s every child’s dream. This doesn’t have to limit your options to Peru however, as the Amazon also borders Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia, meaning that you can build your trip around a whole range of bucket-list experiences. Take Ecuador and the Galapagos for example, on the one hand – with adults in mind – you have luxury Galapagos cruises, expert guides and endless wildlife experiences, fine food to enjoy, pristine scenery and some of the best sunsets in South America. Then, on the other hand, you have hidden coves once used by pirates, snorkelling with tropical fish and even the chance to walk on petrified lava or look down into a depleted volcano – you get the idea!

Family summer holiday to the Galapagos

Surtrek, Family sailing in the Galapagos

Or, how about Brazil? Why not teach the brood a thing or two about colonial history while wandering the picture-postcard streets of Ouro Preto, Tiradentes or Salvador de Bahia? There’s also the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls on the border with Argentina, a bucket list destination that the kids are sure to be captivated by. Then, what family doesn’t like time spent on the beach during your summer holiday? Brazil has many of the best in South America! Powder-white sands, calm and safe seas to swim in, laidback beach shacks for lunch and cosy, family-run restaurants to enjoy every night as a group. You could all try your hand at samba dancing in Rio de Janeiro, take in the natural wonders of Iguazu Falls, the Pantanal or Amazon Rainforest, all before finding your own paradise beach on the Atlantic Coast.

If you are the type who love outdoor adventures and need an exciting family summer holiday in 2018, then it is hard to look past either Chile or Argentina as your starting point. Glaciers, Penguin colonies and Whale watching tours await you in Argentina; try learning the action-packed gaucho (cowboy) way of life in the north, or enjoy mountain bike rides, hiking and some of the best landscapes in the Americas to the south.

If stargazing appeals then we have that covered too, as the night skies above Chile’s Atacama Desert are world-famous. Here, thanks to a combination of high altitude, plus a lack of light or air pollution; galaxies, nebula, constellations and stars of all kinds can be seen, just one of many once-in-a-lifetime experiences on offer once you dive into the trip builder and begin to plan your own, tailormade tour of South America. While here, why not hop over to Easter Island and blow everyone’s mind with a visit to the legendary Moai statues – hundreds of giant stone monuments miles out at sea which are still shrouded in almost complete mystery to this day. Perhaps, if otherworldly landscapes are your thing, a trip across the border to Bolivia will reveal bright red lakes, salt flats, volcanoes, Flamingos and the wonders of Lake Titicaca; to name but a few!

Family summer holiday to Easter Island

Alessandro Caproni, “ACA_4499” [CC BY 2.0]

In truth, the list could go on as South America provides some of the best adventure travel experiences imaginable, and you can create them all yourself. However, no list would be complete without mentioning the emerging holiday destination of Colombia, a truly untapped gem which is, these days, perfectly safe to visit and open for business. You may wish to escape the bustle of Bogota relatively quickly, but you’ll soon find yourself admiring the view atop a lush green hill while the kids learn the secrets of coffee and chocolate production. A short drive or flight will then take you to one of the most atmospheric and well-preserved colonial towns in South America, Cartagena, where in addition to the family walks you can book a boat trip, snorkel or BBQ on the beach. Then, you have Tayrona National Park, where wildlife, hidden ruins and luxury treehouse accommodation will no doubt make your 2018 family summer holiday one to truly cherish and always remember.

Family summer holiday to Colombia

Surtrek, Tayrona beach in Colombia

Start building your family summer holiday in South America today by exploring our template tours and building your trip, your way!

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